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Product Feature:
1. Newest design of piercing-style, glass bottle outfit, no leakage and environmental-friendly.
2. Separate atomizer and glass bottle design, convenient to change flavors.
3. Dual Coils, Large Vapor, Airflow Adjustable.

Function Description:
1. Battery Power on/off & Using Instruction

Please push the power button five times within three seconds to turn on or turn off. The power button will flash in a while led for five times mentions users. Under a power on status, please push the power button to use.
2. Battery Charging
Please connect the Micro USB cable to the charging port in the battery to charge the battery. The power button lights in red during charging. Then it switches into a green light after a full charge.
3. Installation and Replacement of a Glass Bottle
Please hold the atomizer bottom and screw out of the atomizer cover anti-clockwise. Then pierced the top of glass bottle using screwdriver. Following pierced the atomizer coil into it, afterwards please screw back the atomizer cover and then connect the atomizer with the battery to use. When the glass bottle is used out of E-liquids, please take off the bottle and replace the new one before using in accordance with the above method.

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