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iBuddy i1 Description:
iBuddy i1 is an innovative cigarette smoking device with the first pin-style heating element that quickly raises the temperature as well as prolonging the lifespan of the device. Together with a 1800mAh built-in battery and integrated design for easier operation, the iBuddy i1 will become your new best friend giving you a totally different & healthier vaping experience!

Smoking Device iBuddy i1 Advantages:
1) The first innovative device of pin-style heating element, with longer lifespan;
2) Integrated design, easier operation.

Using Method:
1) Preparation: load the holder into the i1 heating device, and then insert a stick into the holder;
2) Power-on: Press the fire button 5 times succession in 2 seconds, the power indicator is activated from right to left, the product under stand-by mode, power-off: under stand-by or dormant mode, press the fire button 5 times consistently, the indicator turns off from left to right, and the device shuts off;
3) Stand-by Mode:The device also stops heating after 5 minutes and 20 minutes and 20 seconds if left without smoking, and then goes into stand-by mode;
4) Pause:Under smoking state, press the power button for 3 seconds, the device stop heating, the power indicator blinks 5 times, if the device is idle for 5 seconds, the power indicator will turn off and the device goes into dormant mode;
5) Stop:The device can calculate the puffs automatically during working process, to keep the optimal taste, the device will stop heating if a single was taken more than 16 puffs, and the power indicator blinks 5 times to remind replacing for a new stick;
6) Replace the cigarette: push out the cigarette holder with the button, and then replace a new cigarette to use;
7) 3 lights: power>80%, 2 lights: power>50%, 1 light: power>25%;
8) Charging: connect the device to a USB power outlet through a USB cable, the indicator blinks in the way of flowing when charging starts, the indicator turns off after a full charge;
9) Cleaning: remove the holder from the i1 device (please make sure the holder cooling down before removing it), Insert the cleaning brush into the heating chamber, then gently clean with a twisting motion.

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